Volunteering and GosiaKunda Heli Tour

Gosaikunda Helicopter Day Tour

Participate in our social travel programs for a chance to explore Nepal’s natural beauty and get to know the local residents. The Nepalese are extremely warm and quickly welcome guests as their own, forming an enduring link that makes departure a sorrowful experience.

During the trip, you will participate in Nepal’s education and health systems, as well as rebuilding and rehabilitation based on your skills and interests. Volunteering at orphanages and elderly care facilities is another possibility.

You can choose from the following volunteering services as per your interest:

  • Schools (Teaching, Experience Sharing, Taking Extra Classes, Helping Children with their Homework)
  • Orphanages: Teaching, Experience Sharing, Helping children with their studies, facilitating and participating in extra-curricular activities.
  • Health Centers: Assisting doctor or head care provider with daily work, office work (documenting, classifying drugs, etc), experience sharing, carrying out health checkups under guidance for those with enough training.
  • School Renovation and Painting
  • Gardening
  • Farming

Our volunteering + trekking opportunity can be the perfect choice to gain some cross-cultural experience, provide humanitarian assistance, and help in reconstruction.

Advantage to the community and volunteers:

A school, for example, may substantially benefit from individuals from all over the world by offering a platform for pupils to get cross-cultural experience. Aside from brainstorming and information exchange, local schools gain goodwill by including volunteer activities into their organization.

Because the majority of health-related services are supplied through them, health posts or sub-health posts can be a wonderful tool to analyze the community’s health state.

Participating in Reconstruction will give the community with one of its most valuable resources: personnel. Volunteers with building skills, in addition to conducting the physicals, can be of tremendous assistance, while simply offering manual work is sufficient.

Home stay when volunteering, on the other hand, benefits the town in terms of both economy and promotion.


Gosaikunda is an alpine freshwater lake situated at an altitude of 4380 m (14370 feet) in the Langtang National Park. It is spread across an area of 34 acres  (13.8 ha) and the Gosaikunda Lake complex comprises of 108 lakes ranging from small to medium in size. The lake remains frozen for six months in winter  (October to June) and when it melts it flows down to Trishuli River.

Gosaikunda is the most desired destination of the Langtang region and is considered as a scared holy lake in Hinduism. The picturesque view of the mountain and lake will give you inner tranquility and will be a moment that you will vividly remember.

Day 1: After having a hearty breakfast you will head towards Tribhuvan International Airport and take a flight of around 15 to 20 minutes to Gosaikunda Lake.

The heli trip to Gosaikunda will provide you with spectacular views of Rhododendron forests, , aromatic pine forests, stunning mountain streams and rocky landscapes.

The most amazing Gosaikunda heli day tour will take a hiatus of half an hour amidst the beautiful mountains and lake. During this time you can bask in the majextic beauty of the lake, which will be an unforgettable experience. After the mesmerizing tour you will fly back to Kathmandu.

Day 02-06: Volunteering Activities

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