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The Asia Horizon Voluntourism Program is basically focused on bringing together the concerted activities of all specialists and individuals from many fields under one platform, with the purpose of attaining the program’s shared goal and mission. It offers volunteers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work in Nepal. The major purpose of this journey is to improve the family’s living in the hamlet region by developing socioeconomic prospects. We are highly concerned about running various programs that solve remote region challenges and assist people in transforming themselves. Your trips to outlying Nepal will help the local communities thrive since the money you pay for the trip will go to the host family for food and lodging, which will directly help them develop economically. Also, you get to learn the local language, experience different types of local foods and celebrate festivals with the local peoples.

We are the pioneer company offering voluntourism in Nepal, assuring you to have the best volunteering and visiting time in Nepal. Our voluntourism program consists of the activities like teaching English in school, renovating the physical structure like school and health post buildings, painting, gardening, managing libraries, working in the field with the local farmers and providing medical attention in the health post and more. Apparently, you can use some days for yourself to experience the best adventure activities like trekking, rafting, jungle safari or go sightseeing.

More than just a blend of volunteering and sightseeing, Voluntourism in Nepal does not need prior expertise or skills. It is a learning-by-doing process which helps rural communities and also provides volunteers with a life-changing experience. Volunteer in Nepal to get an opportunity to explore its unseen side and get a cultural first-hand knowledge and enjoy the benefits of sharing skills and exchanging ideas. Look for voluntourism through an authorized tour operator if you want to make an impact and experiment something different.

Living with the local host families, you become a part of the community, sharing their daily lives and customs. Whether you are looking for something to create a new passion or simply seeking a more meaningful adventure, volunteering is a simple and effective way to fulfill it.

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