Best Cheap 10 Days Sunkoshi River Rafting in Nepal

10 Days Sunkoshi River Rafting In Nepal

Tour Package Overview

Has white river rafting been on your bucket list for a long time? Does white river rafting in Sunkoshi River excite you? If you’re looking for a trip full of memorable moments, then Sunkoshi River rafting is for you.!

Sunkoshi means the river of gold and flows from the snow-capped mountains, offering the longest rafting trip in Nepal. Rafting in Sunkoshi River is a challenge in itself as it has its own moods; at one moment it is serene and tranquil and another, turbulent and wild.

This amazing rafting trip  will take you to the wilderness and closer to  nature, wildlife, and culture. Along the way you 10 Days Sunkoshi River Rafting in Nepal  will come across ethnic groups like Newar, Rai and Libmbus. You will also get to witness over 250 different varieties of orchids and further in the basin you can find  400 species of birds.

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Tour Packages Itinerary

This fascinating multi-day trip is set among beautiful scenery, making the trip special. The trip is not only for rafters, but, also for intermediate and advance kayakers. You will get to experience plenty of rapids while rafting in the beautiful Sunkoshi River for 10 days including Punch, High Anxiety, Meat grinders and many more. Here is the detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Dolalghat to Khalte Chayenpur:

From the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, it will take about 3 hours through the hilly terrain to reach Dolalghat. After a brief instruction and safety talk the rafting  trip begins. Lunch will be served at a beautiful sandy beach.

One of the major highlights of  day 1 of the Sunkoshi River rafting for 10 days trip is Kooyeh Bhir. On the way you will see temples and villages while you approach the campsite. The Meat grinder rapid will greet you before you reach the campsite.

The crew will set up the tents. You can choose to help the crew or  explore the surroundings. The choice is yours!

Day 2 Khalte Chayenpur to Likhu Khola:

The second day of the Sunkoshi river rafting trip will be more relaxing than the first day. Two hours down the river you will  encounter the first class 3 rapid; Meat Grinder. You should raft straight through the middle of the river while avoiding holes on the either side of the Sunkoshi River. A few kilometers later you will encounter the junction, where Sunkoshi and Tamakoshi River meet.

After lunch is served  you can explore the beautiful vicinity. The second camp will be set above Judy and Punch. At night you will have dinner by campfire, which marks the end of day 2.

Day 3 Likhu Khola to Harkapur:

The width of the river is always changing and the rapids in the river will surprise you. Around Bat cave the crew will take the rapids carefully. It is the moment to stop, scout and finally determine the most exciting route.

You may get water splashing inside the boat but the waves aren’t a threat.. The sandy beach will greet you, which is formed by the deposition of a large amount of white sand during monsoon season and is ideal for camping. The tents will be set up by the crew for the night.

Before it gets dark you can explore the neighborhood of the surrounding area and the culture of the natives.

Day 4 Harkapur – Rasuwa Ghat

On day 4 of the 10 Days Sunkoshi River Rafting in Nepal you will notice a significant change as the canyon gets narrow and the vegetation more dense.. You will face medium sized rapids on the way and a few kilometers down the rapids you will arrive at the the merge point of  Likhu Khola called Likhu Rapid which is a long class 4 rapid.

After having lunch, the journey will lead you towards amazing rock formations. The white water will continue to get more exciting throughout the day. You will stay overnight at the small village of Harakpur, where you can buy souvenirs and visit tea shops.

Day 05 Rasuwa Ghat – Jungle Corridor

The fifth day of the 10 days Sunkoshi River rafting in Nepal will be a big challenge  as you will confront the strongest rapid. The river will pace up in speed, as you arrive at the rapid Harkapur 2.

After rafting for an hour and half you will arrive at the junction of Sunkoshi and Dudhkoshi River. Further downstream you will find that the river has widened 2 km. During the afternoon you will experience small rapids and the water adventure for the day will end around Rasuwa Khola.

Day 06 Jungle Corridor – Big Dipper

The day begins with small rapids followed by stronger rapids as the day progresses. The highlights of the day are Jaws, which is a thrilling huge hole at certain levels, a class 3 rapid called Rhino Rock and the beginning of the ‘jungle corridor.’

Day 07 Big Dipper – Tribeni Dovan

You will find a gorge that forces water to flow through a narrow channel into a dense forest. The trail will greet you with rapids like Black Hole, Copper Chin and others. Also, you will get a chance to take a shower under a few waterfalls. You will get to camp beside a waterfall, which falls from the height of 400 feet. The location is a few kilometers away from the major rapid the Big Dipper.

Day 08 (Tribeni Dovan – Chatara (Dharan):

The major highlight of the day is the Big Dipper and the series of standing waves and holes,  meaning, the rapid must be maneuvered with great care. Later, the river will calm down and the afternoon rafting becomes pleasant.

You will get an opportunity to get acquainted with the people and culture of the region. This region is inhabited by the Rais and Limbus and they are collectively called Kirats. You will be camping around the confluence of three rivers- Sunkoshi, Tamur and Arun, which marks the end of day 8 of the 10 days Sunkoshi river rafting experience.

Day 09 (Chatara – Kathmandu):

Your day will begin with a visit to the famous Barah Chhetra temple around Tribenighat- which means the merging of three rivers in Nepali. On a full moon day many Hindu devotees pay homage at the temple, while celebrating the victory of Lord Vishnu over a legendary demon.

Chatara will be the last stop in the 10 days Sunkoshi river rafting and will bid goodbye to the gorges and rapid challenges of the Sunkoshi River. After having lunch on the beach you will head back to Kathmandu with amazing memories.

Day 10:

This will be the last day of your trip. On this day you will roam around the streets of Kathmandu while sightseeing and shopping in the busy streets and popular markets. The market has a variety of art and handicrafts, which you can take home for a lasting memory.

Tour Packages Cost Information

Asia Horizon Treks and Expedition have been providing safe river rafting experiences at the best and most affordable prices. Thousands of happy travelers have enjoyed life changing experiences with us.


Cost Included:

  • Ground transportation
  • Necessary equipment including high quality bailing rafts, helmets, lifejackets, plastic paddles, wetsuits (only in winter) on particular rivers, dry bag for gear, camera barrels
  • Safety and medical equipment.
  • River permit
  • Safety Kayak
  • Meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner (western and continental food) during your rafting trip
  • Accommodation in Tent on the river beach and fire camp
  • Necessary Staff (Guide, cook and helper)
  • Accommodation, food and insurance for all staff and their transportation
  • Expedition elements including professional guides and leaders
  • First Aid Box

Cost Not Included:

  • Alcoholic Beverages, mineral water and cold drinks during the trip
  • Accommodation in hotels and meals if you stay at a hotel during the trip
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Member Insurance
  • Tips to staff
  • Pick and drop to the international airport (it can be arranged upon request)
  • Sleeping bag (US $ X per night)
  • Airfare (Kathmandu- Biratnagar- Kathmandu )

Tour Info

  • Tour Duration: 10 Days
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